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Hey you guys! I know I am never on here but life just got in the way! Happy belated Mother's Day to all my followers who are moms! I did want to come on here and let you all know that I have started my own talk show called As Told By GiGi! You can catch it on youtube at, there is also a fan page for it on Facebook at I really hope you all will go over and show your support to my new career path. Please rate, comment, subscribe, and share because sharing is caring! If you could help get my show out there by featuring my channel on your blog and letting friends and family know I would greatly appreciate the support! Thank you guys so much! Have a great week ;)

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Men and their Priorities?!?!?!

Hello and happy Holiday's! I hope everyone had as fab of a Thanksgiving as I did, surrounded by an abundance of fabulous friends and family.

This blog I want to talk about "Men and their Priorities?!?!?!"

I just honestly do not understand where men priorities lie. Maybe it's the way they are raised or something because I honestly just do not understand. Lets look at some examples of the way men or SOME men I should say prioritize.

Cleaning or playing a game ....... Playing a game
Start work early or wait till the day its due ....... Wait till the day its due
Clean while having girlfriend over or clean while having friends over ........ Clean while having girlfriend over

Maybe it is just my boyfriend or maybe its the men I pick period but they seriously just have no sense of priority.

If there is one thing I have learned about myself it's that I am a control freak perfectionist! But hey isn't everybody?!?!?! Anyone?!?! Anyone at all?!?! Okay fine maybe it is just me! But honestly I think that it just makes sense!

If I am traveling I will be at the airport 2 hours before departure like they say! I do not like being rushed because being rushed means forgetting EVERYTHING and not realizing it until you have landed and started to unpack!

If I am traveling I will also be saving up my money and not doing outlandish things with it because I know I will be going on vacation.

Also I like to leave room for error ..... even though I detest errors .....You never know what may go wrong so be prepared.

See my boyfriend is not a traveler so the first two and so far only places we have traveled ... while being grateful that he did this for me ..... where still difficult.  Honestly I felt like I traveling with a child!

Scenario 1 - Our first trip together AND it was Meet the OLDER siblings.
My boyfriend is 1 of 17 children so clearly its kind of intimidating to be meeting all of the older ones at once while staying in their home an meeting all their children. So lets start from the VERY beginning. For privacy sake I will be referring to my boyfriend as Future Hubby or simply FH because despite our differences there is still no one else I would rather share the rest of my life with .... how much of an oxymoron is our relationship? LOL

FH: Babe I want to take you to Florida to meet my siblings
Me: Really?!?!?! Awww how sweet! I've never been to Florida.
FH: You will love it!

Ok so if you haven't figured it out by know I like things to be in order; have a plan!

Me: Okay so what are we gonna do in Florida? I've never been to Disney.
FH: Disney is fun and my brother knows someone that could get use into Universal Studios for free
Me: Ok cool
FH: But the thing is my family is not taking time off from work so I don't know if they will be able to come.

PAUSE: let the record show that he just said his family will NOT be taking time off work meaning we will be in the house by ourselves for hours right?????? Okay I'm just saying.

Me: Oh so then we should def plan out activities since we are going to at your brothers house by ourselves for so long.
FH: Yea that makes sense

PAUSE: Let the record show that he not only just confirmed the obvious but that he also agrees that we should find things to do while they are at work! Just saying!

So as we are sitting there at his computer and I am looking up activities and prices and car rentals he is just sitting there and I noticed his facial change.

Me: Whats wrong?
FH: Nothing!
Me: Lets not play this game I know you, what is wrong?
FH: Well I feel like you are taking time away from me with my family. Like the only reason we are going to Florida is to go to Disney World!

ERRKKKKK PAUSE WAIT A SECOND .... Can we please just review the conversation? Go ahead I will wait. In fact lets do a quick play by play so far: Family going to be at work 9-5 ... we are sitting in the house doing nothing 9-5. A whole 8 hour window to ourselves to do activities and be back before they get home and spend the evening with them. Is that what y'all got from the conversation because that is how I interrupted the conversation but clearly I was way off.

I did not feel like an argument so I simply explain that I was not trying to take him away from his family but that we ARE going to be at his brothers house for 8 hours by ourselves with nothing to do. His retort:

FH: But still

I let the argument go so lets get straight into the arrival.  We arrive, we are in Florida, and what happens?!?!? I meet everyone ... quite intimidating its a lot of people and I was raised as an only child, I am very bubbly and "valley girl" like, his family is more on the none valley girl side, they like to point out (as do most people) that I was a valley girl. So I think you can imagine how I was feeling the whole time right. Stuck in someone else's home for 8 days feeling super uncomfortable and he just keeps leaving me by myself. But guess who was the wrong one in this situation?!?!?! Go head take a guess ... I'll give you 3 life lines. Well if you guessed me ding ding ding you WON.

When I feel uncomfortable I become introverted and some may take that as being snobbish when in fact I'm just uncomfortable. Well the funny thing is that his brother and sister-in-law could tell that I felt uncomfortable but to him I was being rude and did not like his family

So my boyfriend and I do what we do best. We argue, he doesn't listen, completely miss interrupts the whole argument, and gets angry. Then we both calm down and calmly explain how we are feeling and come up with a solution.

Let me point out that this happened in the very beginning of our relationship and thank god we are past that stage. We have been friends for 4 years but sometimes you still truly do not know a person. But lets just get to the overall conclusion of our vacation.

- We stayed in the house the whole time and went to the community pool (his brother and sister-in-law live in a gated community)
- I did not get to see Florida because he did not save any money to go on this trip
- He admitted that I was right and he should have planned activities because all we did was sit in the house the whole time.

- We learned that we both have different perspectives on the definition of vacation
- He is hard headed
- When I feel uncomfortable I become introverted NOT a snob

Well thank you all for listening .... no reading... this random rant! I will be posting scenario two: California Adventure next time. Have a fabulous weekend!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TTUT ~ Bullying or Insecure?

Hey this is a topic that I have never spoken on but I wanted to kinda just clear up some differences in my opinion  What do you think? Hope you enjoy ;)

Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Back

Hey you guys so I am BACK!! I was not able to log in for a while and I really had nothing going on that I thought was worthy to post or even talk about anyway lol! But it is a New Year and I wanted to get back into my blog page as well as back into my youtube videos. You can find me under NewStarRising on youtube if you are interested!
So lets get right into it shall we: UPDATE

1) I have finished my course for grad school and all that is left is my Comp Exam this Saturday the 19th ... blahh to that

2) I took my LSAT because I have decided I want to go to Law School  for Family Law so fingers cross to me getting into NY Law School which is my family's Alumni Law School.

3) If Law School does NOT work out I WILL be moving back to California!!!

4) I will be visiting Cali in March for two weeks one week in SoCal and one week in NorCal (first time there ... EXCITED!!!)

5) I think I do want to get into my original dream job of TV Hosting ... so looking into doing that!

6) Posted a video of my review on Jodie Foster's Golden Globe Speech!!!!! DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THAT??? (click here to see my review)

7) I have grown in ways that I did not know was possible! I have found that I have just a little bit more self esteem and trust in myself and I am not willing to let feel step all over me .... so yay for that haha

8) I have been going to so many Broadway shows! I live in NYC for Pete sake why not utilize what I have ... plus i have seen so many shows that they know send me immensely awesome discounts (Cinderella on the 30th and Kinky Boots with Cyndi Lauper March 6th)

9) I just hope that everyone has and continues to have a great New Year!!!

Love always
Gigi ;)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012