Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September Vlog

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Hi so this is Seriously and Mamarazzi September Vblog! I hope it helps!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday Dreamin'

Hey so I am doing another post under

You are suppose to

1. Post your favorite vacation picture and tell us a little about it.  
2. Grab the "Friday Daydreamin'" button and link up your post below.
3. Visit some of the other amazing vacation photos that have linked up (and leave some comment love!)!
4. Let the Daydreamin' begin!

So my favorite vacation was People to People Student Ambassadors trip to Australia but unfortunately I lost all the pictures in a fire :(. So I picked my second favorite! 

Ok so it technically was not a vacation because I was living there going to school! But everyday out of NYC is a vacation to me lol! Anyway I loved California I made awesome friends that I still talk to on a regular bases and awesome memories that I can't wait to relive when I move back.

Jeremiah's Frat parties this is me and "M"

A Valentine's DAy date to Universal City Walk

Jeremiah and I million trips to Walmart at like 3am because we are board


Going to Norco to get lost lol

Click here to see how we even ended up in Norco!
(I didn't really wanna key up cars it was a sarcastic comment to something he had said prior to the video that we made into a joke that we still us today lol)

We past the "exist", which ps NORCO does not have an exist off the 60, had stop at a gas station and get directions yea lol that was the best adventure ever!!!

At Mavericks most AWESOME BAR!!! Because they do not id check during the week lol ;)
Happy Birthday Green (Girl in purple)
This is us with a not so local local named Travis lol loved him!!!

Ok so California is my favorite place on earth because it has In-n-Out Burger, it has Norco lol, it has Jack In the Crack, but most of all it has my besties and memories and life experiences I will never forget! That is way EVERYDAY I dream of returning lol

What is your Friday Dreamin? 

Thanks for reading!

Loves and likes ya <3

Ohh if you wanna see more Cali videos check it out:
Shots with my former co-worker
Norco Adventure  continued lol

A lot in One lol

Hey everyone so I have been away for a while and my unconcious was fully aware of it because last night I had a dream and in it was Impulsive AddictShawn over at Seriously, and DateGirl; also I randomly saw Sookie from the Gilmore Girls lol.  But after this drive I woke and went straight to my blog!!!!  I was looking around blog world and reading some post and Andrea has this Q and Q. I know I'm a little late but it intrigued me! So what is suppose to happen is she asks you a serious of questions and then you ask her some questions.  So here we go.

Do you have a picky eater? How did you handle it?
I am the picky eater in my house lol. My mom just orders me pizza lol! See my family is seafood eaters and steak eaters, I am not so whenever the family is eating this I get pizza. Thought it sucked if we where at Red Lobster then I would order shrimp or chicken, but usually I would not eat anything and wait until we left to get my pizza! 
How long did this last?
Well lets see I'm 22 and I never ate seafood (except for shrimp) so I would say 22 yrs lol ;) 
How did you deal with it?
I'm guessing you mean my mom lol. Well you can't really force your kids to eat what they do not like all it will do is push them farther away from it. So my mom would give me other choices. She took advantage of the healthy food I loved (granola, broccoli, spinach) and went from there. 
To all moms – what did you feed your kids at this age? Any foods I should try?
Does anyone have any websites they can recommend?
I'll have to ask my mom on this on lol but I would say do what she did focus on the healthy stuff they like or try v-splash its healthy and delicious!

Where do you get your bras? I have trouble finding my size in department stores.
Well I like in NYC and in upstate at Woodbury Commoms they have the outlets for Hanes! They have awesome bras that are comfy! So try a hanes outlet. There is not a lot of cute, bras and I am only a 42 DD, but they def have bras for big boobies. Also they have this amazing bra that covers your back. IDK if you have one but I have like back roles which I detest totally but this bra works at covering it up!!! Wow just shared an embarrassing note about myself lol. 

Hope my answers helped!!!

Questions for you:
1) What was the bases of you starting a blog?
2) How long have you been blogging?
3) What's your favorite type of music?
4) Do you think John O'hurly is hot?
5) If you could have anyyyy career what would it be?

So that is that!!! Thanks for reading and playing along!

Loves and likes ya <3

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hey ok so it is time for W.T.F!  I thought these questions where pretty funny! Yet again another first me in blogger world lol well here go my answers:

Swapping lives with an annoying pitchman on Donut Day

1) On a airplane, would you prefer to sit in an aisle seat or a window seat? Why?
I prefer window because I love the view!!!
2) Today (Sept. 14) is National Cream-filled Donut Day. What is your favorite type of donut?
Boston Cream!!!!
3) What are the four most important things children should learn in school?
a) manners
b) respect
c) how to share
d) patients
4) On Tuesday, The CW premiered its new TV show "Ringer" and ABC Family has its new show "The Lying Game." Both shows are about identical twins who switch places. If you had a twin, would you ever swap lives with him/her?
Only in extreme circumstances like I have some place to be when my favorite show comes on lol!! Ok and to help her out if I can!5) Yesterday (Sept. 13) was Fortune Cookie Day. If you could write your own fortune cookie, would would it say?
Today a guy you hooked-up with a month again and haven't heard from since is going to ask you to be his girlfriend!

6) Who is the most annoying product pitchman (or pitchwoman) on TV? 
I don't watch TV but when I did it was William Shatner! He over acts and its A-NNOYING!!!!
7) A new study says over 40 percent of people suffering from symptoms of depression won't discuss it with their doctors due to fear of being put on antidepressants. Do you tell your doctor about all your health problems?
No but I did tell him an embarrasing one that I felt like maybe I should have kept to myself lmfao! It was pretty hilarious!!!
8) One of my boyfriend's friends randomly had a child come up to her in a store and ask her where she buys her underwear. What is the weirdest question you've been asked by a child?
The weirdest question I have ever been asked  by a child.... hmmmm....... oh lol are you 40? Please not I am currently 22 and was 21 at the time of this question!!! lol
AWESOME RANDOM QUESTIONS!!!! Can't wait for next weeks!!!!
Loves and likes ya <3

Talk To Us Tuesday

Shawn and IA present

Seriously Shawn

So lets see what to talk about................
Since I'm still new I guess some random facts about me and some advice

Went to Australia with People to People Student Ambassadors Program when I was 16!!!
Advice: NEVER eat Pavlova after 9pm!!! You will be on a permanent sugar high all night long!!!!

Graduated High School at 17
Advice: Don't rush it! Enjoy it while you can

In Graduate school at 22
Advice: Expect people to be a little to serious and make you seem like an infant lol

When using that big top cupcake mold when they say use on a cookie sheet they mean use on a cookie sheet don't skip that part and try to put it on the bottom see here for reasons why!!

I grew up in the World Trade Center and remember verbatim my day

Oh and the best advice ever in terms of your best friend and her bf if you don't like him just let it be because its not worth losing your friendship over ;)

2 on Tuesdays

Hey everyone so I'm doing the
<center><a href="http://www.mychihuahuabitesblog.com/" title="2 on Tuesday"><img src="http://i909.photobucket.com/albums/ac293/munchkin_land_designs/BlogDesigns/Buttons/2onTuesdayButton.png" alt="2 on Tuesday" /></a></center>
Brought to you by My Chihuahua Bits

She would like to know what two things I bring if I were stranded on a deserted island:

Thats easy:

1)  My cell with a lot of battery power!!! It will allow me to read all my books and watch a my movies and shows

2) My celebrity crush since Mr. J Peterman himself hottie JOHN O'HURLY
and of course

lol I think I woukd be good!!!! How about you?

Loves and likes ya <3

Monday, September 12, 2011

Who Are Your "Friends"?

Hello bloggers I have decided to try to start  my first game. Have you ever watched the hilarious show "Friends"? It is hilarious and a great part of my childhood!  So after tons of thinking and nice chitty chat with IA I came up with "Who Are Your "Friends"? Here is how you play, in the show Friends there are 6 friends named Monica Geller, Rachel Green, Phoebe Buffey, Ross Geller, Chandler Bing, and Joey Tribbiani (yes I know there full names and I do not have to google them lol and proud of it), your job is to match you friends to these characters! Here I will start:

BV gets Monica

Kimora gets Rachel

I'm Pretty sure it is safe to say I'm Phoebe lol

 Mamacita gets Ross

K.J. gets Chandler

Jeremiah gets Ross

No not all of them are exactly like the characters but I see a lot of them in each other lol. Ok so it is know your turn! You repeat the most but put your friends pics in place of mine! I hope to make this a regular game using different shows! Can't wait to see your "Friends"! Be sure to link me to your page so I respond!

Loves and likes ya <3

You know Your BFFs when......

Hello everyone so I  thought I would share some "ways" in which to know that you and  your friends have truly reached that bff level. Lets begin......

You know you are BBFs when:

1) While driving your best friend puts her arm in your face and screams "SCRATCH MY ARM BECAUSE SHE HAS A MOSQUITO BIT!!!" and you comply as if it were perfectly normal request.

2) When she says "I'm going to my boyfriends house to .........does this action. SMH! lol

3) Your bestie says "I'm going to move to Manhattan and strip to pay my rent" and your response with a straight face, "Why not everyone else in the city does!" This then, of course, leads to hysterical laughter.

4) Something weird happens in the middle of a convo and you BOTH simultaneously; stop, stare in the direction of the weirdness with your mouths open, then look at each other, and die of hysteria all what asking "W.T.F" !!!

5) When they can say "my nipple hurts" feeling completely comfortable and looking at your face and just laughing.

6) When all you do is laugh until you cry and make blogs about it because there is no other person or group of people you would rather spend any amount of time with!!!

Those are just a few ways lol! How else can you tell? I would love to know!

Loves and likes ya <3

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday 9

Hey everyone so I saw this and thought it was cool this is my Saturday 9
So here are the questions: Check out my answers!

1. When severe whether happens, generally speaking, are you ready for it?
I live in NYC I most def am lol ;)
2. If you could wake up tomorrow with a new talent, what would it be? 
Probably singing lol people say I have a pretty voice I say only for karaoke lol I would loveto sound like Alicia Keys
3. What do you strive for in life? 
To be happy and to make others happy! To be one of the blessed few to have a careeer that I love and having my own family would be awesome too lol
4. If you were given a vacation home and you could have it anywhere, what location would you choose?
California I miss it there so much!!!!
5. Do you feel energized or drained by being in a group situation? If the answer is "it depends," on what does it depend? 
It depends on the group, if its my besties then major energy with others energy if I see they are wiling to work fairly then loads if not then crash and burn sugar rush lol
6. When you're sick do you take "sick days" or do you force yourself to continue working? 
Continue working unless I'm throwing-up
7. What is your absolute favorite piece of furniture you have and why? 
My dresser because it is really two fused to be one and it holds every!!!!!
8. When you go out, where do you like to go? What do you like to do? 
I LOVE to go karaoking especially  with my besties!!!
9. How's life? Is it treating you well right now?
My life is ok I'm alive can't complain! In graduate school at my dream college starting my baking business with my bestie  Kimora! So life is pretty good! How bout yours?

A Step Into Time!

"Baby girl wake up! Your going to be late for school! I have a meeting and I'm going to be late!" shouts a very anxious mother. "I'm coming I'm coming mommy" comes the voice of a little 12 year old from the top of the stairs. She comes flying down the steps and runs out to the car! Her mom locks up the house and gets in the car. "What took you so long mom I was waiting and so was Nana" giggles the little girl. "Hahaha" mocks the mom, "7:30 and I am late for my meeting"  The car starts and off goes the happy trio! Ring ring ring "Hi daddy I am on my way. What? Where? Ok! Talk to you later" "What happened mommy asks the girls?" " The meeting location has been changed. We are not meeting at the WTC. He said he would call me back with the new location"  About 5 minutes later they pull up at her school. "By sweety have a great day. I love you!" says the mother "By baby girl have a good day love you!" says the grandmother. "Bye mommy bye nana love you too" says the little girl and into school she goes to start her normal day! She waits in the lunchroom, talking with her friends, for her teacher to come and get them. It is the first week of 7th grade and she is super excited. The teacher finally comes and gets them and they are off to homeroom. Something is not right the loud speaker with the morning announcements does not come on like normal but everyone is chatting away and does not pay it any attention. Suddenly the door swings open. Another teacher enters frantically heading towards the homeroom teacher, turns her back to the class, and in a "calm" and "quite" voice says the World Trade Centers were just hit. All the kids gasp and turn their heads to look out the window to see the sky full of smoke and two iconic buildings that define New York City gone!


This may sound like a fictional story about the World Trade Centers but for me this was exactly how my day went leading up to when the news first broke! Even writing this brings tears to my eyes and I am finding it a little hard. When Bush said we will never forget what we where doing when we heard about the World Trade Centers (WTC) he was not kidding!  I was only 12 years old, my first week of 7th grade, a normally sunny day, that turned to epic tragedy in seconds!  The one cool thing about living in the borrows of NYC is that you can see the WTC from almost any school and my middle school just happened to be one of them.  I remember that day as if it was yesterday! The teacher that came running in was my history teacher for my second period class! I remember spending that whole class talking about what was happening and how we felt! I remember everyone crying, one by one the school became empty because parents where taking their kids out! I remember the news did not really hit me until about 6th period when I had gym and a class of about 67 students only had 15 and I had time to think. I thought of my uncle, he worked in a law firm not far from the WTC. I thought of my mom and grandpa, as far as I know they were to have a meeting there that morning an I had no idea where they were. I thought why am I still in school? Why isn't someone coming to get me! I remember my Nana coming to pick me up and saying my mom and grandpa were fine but they could not get a hold of my uncle (her son)! I remember all channels for 5 hours covering the story! I remember watching  the short lived Brady Bunch Brides sinoff show for the first time!  I remember there was no school September 12th and when we came back the 13th there still was a lot of kids missing! I remember a few of my friends hysterical because they had a family member on the plans or in the builds! I remember thinking is this real? I never imagined the effect it would carry for the rest of my life and the lives of New Yorkers everywhere.

After September 11th happened New Yorkers banded together and formed a great unity that seemed unbreakable.  People where helping each other and really there for their fellow New Yorkers.  I have never had more pride in being from any other state than New York! For me the WTC was not just a building, it was my childhood! My grandfather owned a floor in that building in the early 90s and I remember going to visit him with my Little Mermaid pocketbook and playing with the rubber band ball on his desk! I remember looking out the winds and looking down on all of New York!  So for me it was not just a building that went down it was a huge part of my childhood as well! 

No I will never forget the WTC or September 11th or the fact that God speared my mother, my grandfather, and my uncle! Like all those people that lost their lives they should have lost their lives too! Yes it was devastating for everyone but it was a 1000% worse for the people of NY!  It is this day that I try to keep in mind whenever I get angry at my mom or at anyone! Tomorrow is never promised! Hell the next minute is never promised so we should cherish it like it were our last.

My history teacher that spilled the beans

(left to right) Grandpa Mommy and Nana

My mommy and I at her 50th Birthday Party 2010

The face of innocents before the news that forever rocked our worlds
ok so this was really 2003 but its the same school and same classmates

My Happy List

Mamarazzi you rock! Love this List

Hope you enjoy

Loves and likes ya <3

Accent Vlog

Hi ok so I know I'm super slow but I was looking at SERIOUSLY monthly vlogs and I absolutely fell in love with this one lol!

Say the following words:
Aunt, Route, Wash, Oil, Theater, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught, Antenna, Rootbeer, Ambulance, Museum, Milk, Orange, Apricot

...and answer the following questions:
What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you say to address a group of people?
What do you call the kind of spider that has an oval-shaped
body and extremely long legs?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry
groceries at the supermarket?
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
Where do you buy your groceries?

And then they wanted a tour of our favorite room in the house.

This was hilarious the second part was a tour of my favorite room but I will have to post that a little bit later ;)

Loves and likes ya <3

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adventures in the Kitchen

Hello everyone so Kimora and I decided that we wanted to open up our own bakery business lol.  So I have been just baking away in the kitchen for a while. Well today I wanted to try and do a cup cake tower starting with that big cupcake from "As Seen on TV" and ending with mini cupcakes! Well you know when things aren't meant to be you get a little red flags before the big crash? Well that was me! First red flag: I had traveled to about 5 stores before I was able to even find this huge cupcake mold. Second red flag: When I found it I did not have a cook sheet to place it on but I decided to try it anyway! Third red flag (you think I would have gotten the hint from the first red flag smh): The top half tips over in the oven!!! Well this leads to the biggest domestic adventure ever because I then had to figure out how to take my oven apart, clean the bottom of it, put it back together all while still baking!! Oh and did I mention that A) all the batter was done and B) the batter that had spilled in the oven was my first ever attempt at making a cake from scratch? Well I figured out how to take the oven apart and I cleaned the oven but it back and I put the oven back together and then I start to preheat the oven again while I wash the dishes! So I finish the dishes and I begin to load the oven, and boy do I mean LOAD!! (1) 12 cupcake pan (1) 6 big cupcake pan and finally the HUGE cupcake mold! I'm starting to feel really good because I'm doing all this domestic activities by myself! So I start to sweep and clean the kitchen, I begin to spell something burning! I check the oven and everything is fine, or so I thought! All of sudden my fire alarm starts whaling!!! I run upstairs, because it could not be on the main floor, and I'm waving it frantically because I do not want to wake my mother, who I know is a light sleeper. Well I open the upstairs terrace door, fan the smoke detector, and when all else failed I ran down stairs got a chair climbed on it and took the smoke detector down and pulled out one of the batteries.  I left the chair up there so I could Put it back together when I was finished! So as I am in this process my cell phone starts to ring and it is my Nana calling to see how the baking adventure was going! MIND YOU MY MOTHER IS SLEEPING THROUGH ALL OF THIS!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! As I am on the phone I hear my mom wake up to go to the bathroom and that is when she sees the chair and asks what is going on? Lol all i could do was laugh hysterically because he I was being all domestic and independent, being Betty Crocker and Mr. Fix-it all in one, exemplifying her good teachings of how she raised me and it was a need to us the loo that made her wake up and ask what was going on lol. My mother who jumps up to see what is going on when I wake up to use the bathroom slept through all that ruckus!! That meant one thing............... SHE WAS SUPER TIRED lol!!! After having a great laugh at the situation I reassured her that all was well and to go back and get some rest, which she gladly did! So back to baking! I go finish sweeping and finally get to relax! My phone rings again and its my friend and I am talking to him about my crazy adventure of Betty Fix-It (My own creation of the name lol).  I get up and check on my baking! Great everything was finally done! I pull it all out one by one and let it cool! After it was cool I checked my smallest cupcakes, ahh PERFECTO, then I check my big cupcakes, BODECIMO (idk if I spelt that right, 9 times out of 10 I did not lol sorry), finally I check my HUGE cupcake............. diablo que paso? This is the crash! I take the base cake out, the bottom is burnt and the bottom of that mold burnt and ripped away, the top half only one side was burnt but the mold was ok! So here is the half final product of my cupcake tower (needs frosting)
Hopefully frosting can save this lol

I think maybe I am going through a maturity growth spirt because everything with me always has to be perfect and when it is not I get upset! But this time all I could do was laugh and say oh well I will try again next time! 
Well that was my domestic adventure! Hope you got entertainment from struggles lol I only wish I had pics of my with half of my body in the oven trying to unscrew and re-screw the base of the oven lol smh! The only thing missing was a crying child that was scared from the smoke detector lol! Ahhh good times!!!

Loves and likes ya <3

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

*Yawn* What a lovely dream!

Hello happy people so I had a dream last summer that I will never forget and I thought I would share with you all.  It was June of last year and I woke up with such a great smile and feeling amazing because of this one dream! I do not know how to interpret dreams so if you have any ideas of what this means please feel free to tell me in the comment box!

Ok so the dream starts of in a beautiful scenery in a car driving down a road that is surrounded with gorgeous trees; I'm guessing it was fall because the leaves were red and orange, but it was still a beautiful sunny day! I am in the passengers side and the drive in a male, but I can not see his face! He says something that makes me laugh, then from the back of the car I hear a little girl say "mommy". I turn around to find two beautiful children, a boy and a girl, that are full of smiles and happiness.  The girl looks like she is older then the boy but only by a year or so.  She asks me for something and I hand it to her, then I turn around look at my mystery man as I guess we shall call him smile and we hold hands for the rest of the drive. Even in my dreams I could feel this happiness! But the dream is not over there is another segment.

The dream then cuts to a wedding!  The two kids are not there but I am surrounded by family and friends! I feel nervous, anxious, and excited! I walk down the isle again mystery man is there and when he pulls my vail back still just a blank face, but I feel so happy! Like I'm floating on cloud 9.  That feeling you get as a teenager when you really like a guy that "puppy love" feeling. We say I do and kiss! Best feeling ever but still can not see his face. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!!!! SEGMENT 3 (the final segment lol)

The dream then cuts to a beautiful house kitchen! There again reappear the same 2 children but they look just a few years older.  They ask if they can be excused from dinner to watch tv, to which I replied "Yes you may but first you must clear away your dishes".  The children do as directed and then proceed to the living room to watch television mystery hubby and I are left at the table and we begin a conversation about symbolism in  a movie we had recently seen! We stated what different scenes could have meant and so on and so forth.  As we are having this talk we begin to clear away our own dishes and put away that nights dinner as left overs.  While I am at the sink washing the dishes, mystery hubby comes up behind me and gives me the biggest squeeze, I turn around and rap my arms around his neck.  Then he says "I love you so much" and kisses me. We stand there in each others impress for only a minute but it felt like forever! I loved the feeling and I never wanted to let him go! We finally break apart and he grabs a towel and says, "You wash and I'll dry?" to which I say "Sure". That is when my alarm clock woke me up for work lol.

This was the best dream ever! Never have I ever experienced a dream that seemed so real! I could feel every emotion as if it were truly happening! Never have I ever had a dream so detailed and vivid that I remember it over a year later! It was one of the warmest dreams ever! IDK who mysteryman/hubby was but I hope I get to meet him lol. What do you guys think of my dream? I would love to know!

Loves and likes ya <3

Monday, September 5, 2011

Adventure With Kimora

So today I spent the whole day with one of my oldest BFFs Kimora! This chica is hilarious! We decided to go to the mall and boy what an adventured that was! First off I have never been to the mall on Labor Day so what a shock it was to the both of us when we learned that the mall was closing at 7:30! But we manage to get a few great hours in! Our longest stop was at Sephora; our favorite place on earth! I am a crazy slobbering Yves Saint Laurent products and she had to treat me like a kid in the candy store in that section!  I am new to that makeup world (my recent obsession) and there are a few products I have found that I love! Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat under eye concealer is my drug of choice! My under eyes is one of my biggest insecurities and Touche Eclat Radiant Touch works wonders, that is how I got hooked and every time we go to Sephora she has to keep me away from that isle lol. We played in Sephora got some great make-up and advice! Then it was on to the next store!
It is easy to make friends but it is hard to make a best friend! Your best friend is suppose to be Thelma to your Louise, Ethel to your Lucy, Flounder to your Ariel they are suppose to be the ones that are down with you no matter what! For example; the next store we went to was Wet Seal, she likes that store and wanted to look around. While in the store a random song came on and she started to do a random dance! Ahhh the test of true friendship! What do you do when your best friend is acting weird and dancing crazy in public?!?!?!? Well the answer to that question is simple .............. you join them.  If your a true friend then you will never leave their side and thats exactly what I did. I looked at her, laughed while shaking my head, shrugged, and joined her haha. That is what true best friends do ........ make complete ninys of themselves in front of people lol! Anyway after our random dance we both laughed and made comments, out loud, about how stupid we are! Ahhh time for  the next store, Spencers!

This shirt sums up the whole store experience reading shirts and laughing and agreeing with them!
Well finally we figured it was time to leave (7:30pm lol closing time anyway) and get some food!
We went to Red Lobster and laughed till we cried! We joked about everything! Probably the funnest moment of the night lead to Kimora making this face at one of my comments
So while we are dinning I get a text message from a old high school friend (male), lets call him Practice 1 (P1). He was my first boyfriend! It didnt go anywhere I think we lasted like 2 months. Anyway P1 and I keep in touch. Well a few months back we hooked up (first time ever) and it was an experience he would like to see happen repeatedly! Anyway the reason for this face lol! Anyone who knows me knows that I have a perverted mind! I can turn almost anything into a sexual referrence and find humor in it! I believe there is nothing wrong with a healthy sex life! Well P1 was texting me and asking to see if we could "hangout" tonight! Kimora knew the deal and her response was "No your mine tonight" lol. So we are talking and he is texting and I am reading his messages to her and we are talking about sex so here goes the convo with pictures:

Kimora: Why is he texting you
Clearly not the same day lol
Me: Cuz he wants to get some but that is not going to happen because I have decided to become celbate until I find the guy I want to be in a relationship with! 

Me: I'm serious (while laughing hysterically)
That was the literally the highlight of the night! Every time Kimora and I are together I do nothing but laugh until I cry! True friendship will never die ;)
BFFs forever

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Walnut Brownies

Hey so one of my mom's FAVORITE sweet treats are Walnut Browns (especially mine hehe ;) so here is how to make them! What you will need
                                                                     A Bowl
                                                                      1 Egg
                                                                     1/3 cup of Oil
                                                                       1/4 cup of Water
                                                                       Measuring cup
                                                 Walnuts (I eye ball the amount)
                                                         A Wooden Spoon
Preheat oven to 325 degrees
Combine your 1 egg, 1/3 cup of oil, and 1/4 cup of water and mix

One you have mixed it should look like this and you are know ready to mix in the brownie mix and walnuts and stir

This should be your final product and you are ready to pour in the pan

Before pouring in mixture be sure to coat your pan with a substance so that your brownies will not stick! I use vegetable oil!

Pour into pan and place in oven! It should take about 20 minutes or so to cook!

Once done let cool for about 30 minutes 
Once done cooling enjoy (Milk MAY be preferable over Mascado lol )