Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TTUT ~ Bullying or Insecure?

Hey this is a topic that I have never spoken on but I wanted to kinda just clear up some differences in my opinion  What do you think? Hope you enjoy ;)

Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Back

Hey you guys so I am BACK!! I was not able to log in for a while and I really had nothing going on that I thought was worthy to post or even talk about anyway lol! But it is a New Year and I wanted to get back into my blog page as well as back into my youtube videos. You can find me under NewStarRising on youtube if you are interested!
So lets get right into it shall we: UPDATE

1) I have finished my course for grad school and all that is left is my Comp Exam this Saturday the 19th ... blahh to that

2) I took my LSAT because I have decided I want to go to Law School  for Family Law so fingers cross to me getting into NY Law School which is my family's Alumni Law School.

3) If Law School does NOT work out I WILL be moving back to California!!!

4) I will be visiting Cali in March for two weeks one week in SoCal and one week in NorCal (first time there ... EXCITED!!!)

5) I think I do want to get into my original dream job of TV Hosting ... so looking into doing that!

6) Posted a video of my review on Jodie Foster's Golden Globe Speech!!!!! DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THAT??? (click here to see my review)

7) I have grown in ways that I did not know was possible! I have found that I have just a little bit more self esteem and trust in myself and I am not willing to let feel step all over me .... so yay for that haha

8) I have been going to so many Broadway shows! I live in NYC for Pete sake why not utilize what I have ... plus i have seen so many shows that they know send me immensely awesome discounts (Cinderella on the 30th and Kinky Boots with Cyndi Lauper March 6th)

9) I just hope that everyone has and continues to have a great New Year!!!

Love always
Gigi ;)