Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Great Love Story

"Excuse me sir but there is not enough tables and I was wondering if it was ok we place these two lovely ladies with you?" the waiter asked Darryl Benson.  Darryl peered up from his to see a waiter and two stricking women, obviously sisters, looking at him awaiting a response. "Yea sure of course please make yourself comfortable" Darryl said with a grin.  The ladies took there seats opposite of Darryl. " Thank you very much, this was very nice of you" said the older woman. "I'm Alyssa and this is my sister Mika." They shooks hands and said hello. " Honestly it was no big deal I'm actually just meeting my girlfriend here and then we are probably going to head out." "Oh really?" said Mika, "You look very nervouse!" Darryl began to feel his face get hot with embarrasement as he played with the box in his pocket. "I am kinda nervous but with good reason" he begins to pull the box out of his pocket.  He was so excited and dying to tell someone the great news. "See I'm going to ask my girlfriend to marry me tonight and I'm really nervous!"  Both girls faces light up with excitment "Congrats .... um??" "Darryl. Sorry I'm Darryl Benson." "Congrats Darryl Benson I'm sure the lucky lady will say yes!!!" confirmed Alyssa with great excitment.  Just then Darryl saw the most beautiful sight he had ever laid his eyes on.  His heart skipped a beat while this precious angle made eye contact at him and gave a grin and a bit of wave and started to walk towards him. "WOW" was the only words Darryl could mutter. A beautiful young woman dressed in a forfitting mini black dress with black 3 inch pumps and a distinctive charmbracelet around her wrist ran up to him and gave him the biggest hug, neither realizing that Alyssa and Mika where still sitting on the opposite side of the table. "Happy Birthday babe! You look great!"Darryl just stood there staring at this gorgeous creature that had just greeted him. "Babe? Are you ok?" asked the young woman. Darryl shaking his head a little to come back to reality finally replied "Natalia! You look AMAZING!" Natalia looked down and smiled her cheeks a little rosie from the complete and tone of which her boyfriend of 4 years had just given her. "Even after four years of us being together everytime I see you this feeling never seems to get old!" Natalia looks at him adoringly and gives him a quiet peck on the cheek and whispers "Let's go we have reservations." As Natalia turns to leave Darryl grabs her "Wait" Natalia turns with a confused look on her face "Yes?" "Sit here with me for a minute. I need to talk to you about something important." Natalia furrows her brow but follows Darryl and takes a set next to him. As they sit Darryl notices the charm bracelet on her right wrist. "I see you found the charm bracelet!" Natalia looking down and smiling "Yea I did it was in my dresser, I guess it slipped off my wrist when I was getting out clothes." Natalia loved her Tiffany Charm bracelet, Darryl had gotten it for her for their one year anniversary.  Every charm represents a memory they have shared together.  Natalia looking nervously down at her hands started "So what did you want to talk about?" "About our move back to New York. I was wondering how you would feel about maybe..." Darryl looks away and Natalia grows nervous. "Maybe what?" she hesitantly asks. "Maybe we could move in together?" Natalia breathes the biggest sigh of relief and a little nervous giggle. "Is that what you wanted to talk about?" Darryl nods his head yes still unsure of if it was something she wanted or not. "Babe!!! I would love for use to live together in NYC it will make it official, as appose to our unofficial living together her in LA!" Natalia laughs as she says that last line because truth be told she and Darryl had been flip flopping between living at each others apartments for a little over a year know."But seriously babe we could have totally had this convo in the car on the way to the restaurant!" Natalia gets up to leave but Darryl gentle grabs her arm for her to stay. " What is it know babe" Natalia says playfully.Darryl grabs her hand "Do you remember the first we meet?" Natalia gives a smile and thinks back to the first time they met. "Yes it was on a Monday, in my forensic Psychology class. I had gotten there early to try and study for my criminalistics exam that I had after that class.  You came and sat next me and started quoting scientific lines from CSI Miami" they both are laughing as they think back. "You thought that I would not catch on but I did" "Yes you did" Darryl said staring lovingly at his future wife to be. Natalia looked down at her bracelet. "But then you had to blow up my spot and say that you heard that same line of CSI MIAMI last night" They both hysterically laugh "Well had to let you know that you were not slick and that I was not some dumb chick that would hang on your every word" Natalia gave him a little nudge as she continued to laugh. Darryl then asked "Do you remember out first date?" Natalia grabs her charm bracelet and goes for the charm of a can of hairspray. "Yes I do.  It was back in 2007.  You took me to the Americana in Glendale where we ate at this authentic Argentinian restaurant where you tried your hardest to order for the both of us in Spanish. Then you took me to go see Hairspray, which I can not believe you sat through that whole chick flick musical" they both laughed and Darryl just nodded in agreement. "THEN" Natalia continued "You took me to Marina Del Ray to the most breath taking view of the marina I had ever seen!" Natalia's eyes grew water as she reminisced on the being of what had been the most amazing relationship of her life.  Darryl noticed and gentle wrapped his arm around her waist and just held her.  Natalia continued to look through her charms when she came across the horse charm, she smiled adoringly first at the charm and then at Darryl. "Do you remember this one?" Darryl nodded with a big grin and great pride in his mind. Natalia continued "You woke me up at 4:30 in the morning so we could leave for Norco by 5. I thought you were crazy but then when we rode the horses to the top of the mountain and watched the sun rise I just kept thinking "god I'm the luckiest girl in the world"" Darryl was quite proud of himself for he really did come up with some off the charts romantic ideas.  He was the ideal guy that every girl wanted. He was faithful, loving, and endless romantic, and set to work for the NYPD as soon as he and Natalia moved back to New York.  He did have some help Natalia's father, Nathaniel, gave a good verbal review to the department.  Darryl was everything Natalia could ever want.  He loved her and always made a point to both show it and tell her. Natalia was also the ideal girl.  As Natalia looked through her charms Darryl could not help but think how did he land such a gorgeous and intelligent woman.  Natalia was set to work for the Forensic Labs back in New York once they graduated in June.  She was sweet loving and kind very tender.  Darryl loved her most when she is playing with her 11 year old baby sister Anya and her 5 year old baby brother Andrious.  I loved to see the look in her eyes she had real hear to heart talks with her 20 year old baby sister Nika.  He just knew that she was the only one for him.  Natalia was not aware that Darryl was staring at her she was took busy looking through her charms and remembering every memory, good and bad, they had created together.  But one charm stood out, one that Natalia had never seen before.  Darryl noticed that look and positioned him self on the ground bending on one knee with the ring in his hand. "Babe I don't remember this charm! Why is there.." Natalia, while still looking at the charm begins to turn towards Darryl."a ring on here??" Just then Natalia sees Darryl with the ring in his hand.  Water begins to flood her eyes. "Natalia i have loved you from the first time I met you. You are everything and more than what any man could every ask her in a girlfriend.  I love how tender and gentle you are with you little brother and two sisters. How you are always there and take up any responsibilities that your parents need for you to take and never complain! So when we go back to New York lets go back with our relationship on a new level. Natalia Maria Ismene Cortez will you marry me?" With tears staining every inch of her face Natalia nods her frantically before whispering yes and hugging ad kissing Darryl to death!! "YAY!!!!" shouted Alyssa and Mika, a startled Natalia jumps a little "Congratulations" "Thank you" Natalia cries " Thank you" grins Darryl with a wink to the two of them. Turning back towards Natalia "I guess we better go before we loose our reservations" laughing and whipping away stray tears Natalia replies "Babe they called 4 times and our reservations where for 45 minutes ago I'm pretty sure we lost them already" "oh" grinning and giving him a kiss "But it was well worth it! Lets go home so I can all of New York and tell them the great news!" 

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