Sunday, May 1, 2011

She's My Sister!!

"So Samantha tell me what is it that you would like to do after graduation?" K.C. looked on with great pride and admiration as his girlfriend Samantha, of 2 years, and his mother, Michelle, and aunt, Phylis, talked over lunch.  Though they were only 16 K.C. knew that Samantha was the one for him.  They had been best friends since 6th grade. Samantha was not just his girlfriend she was his best friend, she was his female counter part.  Samantha called K.C. out on all of his crap, went to everyone of his games, was his own personal cheerleader she was everything that K.C. loved about her.  "Well I was thinking of applying to UCLA for Forensic Science.""Wow that is some serious work" says K.C. aunt Phylis. "Well Sammie is a bright girl" K.C. beamed.  Samantha was a tomboy but a girlie girl at the same time. She was taugh a no nonsense kind of girl, but when she was around K.C. her heart just melt.  Samantha found herself staring at K.C. remembering how they first met.
Flash back to 6th grade 2005
Samantha was walking down the hall of North Hollywood Middle School, not really paying attention she was looking in her notebook then suddenly she found all of her stuff on the floor. Annonyingly, " Goodness could you watch where you are going you could have...." Samnatha looks up and sees the cutest boy she had ever seen  in her life.  He had the most gorgeous blue eyes she had ever seen. "I'm sorry" said K.C.  "I'm running a little late for football tryouts. I'm K.C." Samantha is still in uhh at how hot he is and is kind of embarrassed about being upset with him.  But she shakes all thoughts out of her head and plays it cool. " Its ok I'm Sammie. I was actually heading to the field as well, softball tryouts." "Cool your an athelet too? What position do you play?" K.C. had helped Samantha pick up her books and know they were heading towards the feild. " Play shot stop." K.C. released a little giggle and Samantha shot a kind of dirty look at him "What's so funny?" Samantha snapped. "Nothing!" "No tell me!" "Well its just that I thought you would be trying out for cheerleading." It was at this point that they had reached their point of seperation and right before K.C. ran off he looked at her and turned a light shade of pink and said "Because you really pretty!" with that he ran off in the opposite direction leaving Samantha a little red in the face herself. Before she had a chance to turn and head to her tryout he yelled out "Good luck" Samantha smiled and yelled "Same to you K.J." "K.C.!!!!!" "Ops sorry!" With that Samantha smiled shaked her head a little and turned to run the oppoiste direction.
Flashback ends
That was the beginning of their relationship.  They would become best friends, watching games together, have countless arguments over which baseball team was better the Yankees or the Dodgers.  They would go to games together and talk on the phone till all hours talking about every and anything. There was nothing that they did not know about each other.  But something caught Samantha's eye that may change their relationship forever. Samantha saw a little girl that looked like she could be around 12. Samantha's whole face had dropped like she had seen a ghost.
"Sammie?" K.C. called "Sammie?" K.C. called again "Samantha?!?!?!" K.C. was now worried, he had never seen his girlfriend like this before. She looked as though she were about to cry. Samantha stands up and watches this little girl walking towards her she calls to the girl "Nika!" the little girls continues to walk, as she gets closer to Samantha she calls out again "Nika?" The little girl turns, looks at hera little startled and shock and replies "My name is Alyssa" with that reply she turns and continues to walk towards the exit. "Honey your scaring that little girl!" K.C. tries to calm Samantha down but it was late she was already far gone. "K.C. please I know her!" Samantha turns and shots "Nika Juanita Isabella Oritz" K.C., Michelle, and Phylis are mortified to see Samantha acting like this. But little Alyssa was stopped in her tracks. "Samantha what has gotten into? You are scaring that little girl and who is Nika?" Just then Alyssa turns and asks in a shakey voice, "What did you call me?" Alyssa begins to walk towards Samantha who is still looking at her in completely and utter shock. "I called you in Nika!" "Samantha this is crazy" K.C. begins but Samantha whips around and they begin to argue with her boyfriend.  "K.C. I know who this is." " Babe it is clear that she doesn't know who you are and all your doing is scaring this little girl to death" in the middle of their arguing Alyssa is walking towards them in complete shock but at the same time great realization. "How do you know this girl?" K.C. asks Samantha with great irritation in his voice, but before Samantha can answer Alyssa surprises everyone with her response "Because she's my sister!" Samantha turns around with tears in her eyes and she meets Alyssa's eyes which were equally full with tears. "You remember me?" Samantha says shockingly. Alyssa's face lights up and she runs and gives her the world's biggest hug "Sammie!!!!" The girls embrace with tears flowing like Niagra Falls while everyone else at the table is 100% confused.............

Say tuned for what happens next

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