Friday, October 21, 2011

Black Swans

Hey everyone so this year I am throwing my first ever Halloween Party, well October-fest.  As a child we never celebrated Halloween because it is against my religion (non-denominational Christian) and it is viewed as a pagan holiday.  So I never got to dress up or go trick or treating or anything. In fact I never went to school on Halloween until about the 5th grade.  So this year I decided I wanted to have a Halloween party.  Since I am still living with my mother while I am in school I am not allowed to call it a Halloween party but a Octoberfest.  (Whatever helps her sleep at night and lets me have my party I don't care what it is called lol) S since this is my first time I am totally 10000% clueless and have been searching like crazy for cheap and easy ways to decorate my house. I have to give a HUGE thank you to the Lovely Vivian over at The V Spot for helping me out with some really great ideas.  I have also come up with some ideas of my own and I have decided to share. Vivian I hope I do you proud with these ideas Kimora and I have come up with.

It is funny because The Dollar Tree is Kimora's FAVORITE store and it is easy to see why! There really are some great inexpensive things there!  There was a movie called the "Black Swan" and we decided to create our own!

We went to the dollar tree and was able to 12 black swans for 50 cents!
This one pack of 6 swans were 25 cents at Dollar Tree 
This made mama very happy lol

We brought to packs and went to Walmart for some spray paint
This can of spray paint was only 97 cents

First came the experiment to see if it would work. We layed down some news paper and place one swan in the center and began to spray
Looks good right? Right! So we moved on to the other 11 and here you are....

12 black swans for the price of only $1.47
To think you can make so much more because all you have to buy is the swans! 
They make cute little accents for the table or the fire place mantel 
Hope you enjoyed this

Loves and likes ya <3

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