Friday, October 21, 2011


gkHey everyone, so my last blog was on creating cheap cute black swans.  This blog is gives a new meaning to the term "These potato chips are to die for" lol.

So while searching for foods that look like body parts I stumbbled across this 

My first thought was how cute..... then it shifted to how pricey and how am I going find a coffin like this.
(But it just hit me as I am writing this blog I could probably get it is at Michael's or something) I thought this is a cool and completely different way of eating chips.  Way better then the boring bowl or platter of chips.  I recreated this look and it did not cost me one penny!

With the spray paint I got from Walmart
For 97 cents 
A sneak box
A silver sharpy and aluminum foil (not uploading a pic) I created this

I made my own coffin
I spray painted the sneaker box and after it dried I lined it with aluminum foil and I decorated the box as a tomb stone in honor to some of my favorite passed celebrites!
This picture is of the Michael Jackson there is also a Heath Ledger and a Natalie Wood is in the works. I thought this was a really cute and inexpensive way to spice up the way chips and dip are served!

Hope you guys enjoyed this idea! There is more to come and then of course the big blog of the actual show down!

Loves and likes ya <3

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