Friday, October 7, 2011


Hello happy October!!!! No I have been MIA from blogger sorry bout that just really busy with school. But yay its Friday and yay its my first October post lol!!! Ok so this link is

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There are no rules just vent to who you want to FAWK off

Ok so I want to say a big FAWK you to a lot of graduate peers. Just because your in graduate school does not mean that you have to be a stiff prick and look down on me because I am younger then you.  I worked just as hard as you did to get to graduate and I have to pay just as much as you do to be in the classroom. So FAWK you all who give me that look and that attitude whenever I say something. I'm 22 in graduate school get over it and stop hating!!!

Loves and likes ya <3

PS B3 thanks for letting me get that out of my system lol


  1. No haters allowed I say! I'm proud of you. They will get over it. If they don't it's their loss.

  2. That's horrible! I hope you get them straightened out!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. haha, when I worked in the IT department at my college, we used to make so much fun of the graduate students. They thought they were so special. They'd walk in and complain that they forgot their password and say, "but I'm a graduate student!" And we're like, ok, do you want a cookie? You ain't special! Lol. So sucks to the arrogant ones, and you rock for being 22 and in graduate school. As a matter of fact you DO deserve a cookie. ;-)

  4. Tell 'em!

    I'm pretty damned impressed with you personally. You know what they say--let your haters be your motivators. (Clearly, you are at NO loss for motivation! Go get it, Mama!)

  5. Lol thank you all of you for your lovely replies ;)