Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Wreath

So Vivienne over at the V-Spot should use how to she made her Halloween Wreath!! It was super cute and I felt inspired to make one and put my own little spin on it! All you will need
A Hanger

Halloween Garland from Walmart that costs about $2
Step 1: Shape your hanger into a circle

Step 2: Pick your garland and rap it around your hanger
Step 3: Take 2 black roses and at wrap the bottom of them around the bottom of you wreath and make them cross
They will not stay in place by itself, that is where the string comes in! Wrap the string around the the cross roses and makes a web looking design like in the pick above!
Step 4: After that take one of your place swans, tie string around the kneck of the swan and then around the kneck of your wreath! Add a bloody bow and bang:
This whole wreath all together cost me about $2. I had all the other suppplies! Hope you like it!!

Loves and likes ya <3

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