Monday, September 5, 2011

Adventure With Kimora

So today I spent the whole day with one of my oldest BFFs Kimora! This chica is hilarious! We decided to go to the mall and boy what an adventured that was! First off I have never been to the mall on Labor Day so what a shock it was to the both of us when we learned that the mall was closing at 7:30! But we manage to get a few great hours in! Our longest stop was at Sephora; our favorite place on earth! I am a crazy slobbering Yves Saint Laurent products and she had to treat me like a kid in the candy store in that section!  I am new to that makeup world (my recent obsession) and there are a few products I have found that I love! Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat under eye concealer is my drug of choice! My under eyes is one of my biggest insecurities and Touche Eclat Radiant Touch works wonders, that is how I got hooked and every time we go to Sephora she has to keep me away from that isle lol. We played in Sephora got some great make-up and advice! Then it was on to the next store!
It is easy to make friends but it is hard to make a best friend! Your best friend is suppose to be Thelma to your Louise, Ethel to your Lucy, Flounder to your Ariel they are suppose to be the ones that are down with you no matter what! For example; the next store we went to was Wet Seal, she likes that store and wanted to look around. While in the store a random song came on and she started to do a random dance! Ahhh the test of true friendship! What do you do when your best friend is acting weird and dancing crazy in public?!?!?!? Well the answer to that question is simple .............. you join them.  If your a true friend then you will never leave their side and thats exactly what I did. I looked at her, laughed while shaking my head, shrugged, and joined her haha. That is what true best friends do ........ make complete ninys of themselves in front of people lol! Anyway after our random dance we both laughed and made comments, out loud, about how stupid we are! Ahhh time for  the next store, Spencers!

This shirt sums up the whole store experience reading shirts and laughing and agreeing with them!
Well finally we figured it was time to leave (7:30pm lol closing time anyway) and get some food!
We went to Red Lobster and laughed till we cried! We joked about everything! Probably the funnest moment of the night lead to Kimora making this face at one of my comments
So while we are dinning I get a text message from a old high school friend (male), lets call him Practice 1 (P1). He was my first boyfriend! It didnt go anywhere I think we lasted like 2 months. Anyway P1 and I keep in touch. Well a few months back we hooked up (first time ever) and it was an experience he would like to see happen repeatedly! Anyway the reason for this face lol! Anyone who knows me knows that I have a perverted mind! I can turn almost anything into a sexual referrence and find humor in it! I believe there is nothing wrong with a healthy sex life! Well P1 was texting me and asking to see if we could "hangout" tonight! Kimora knew the deal and her response was "No your mine tonight" lol. So we are talking and he is texting and I am reading his messages to her and we are talking about sex so here goes the convo with pictures:

Kimora: Why is he texting you
Clearly not the same day lol
Me: Cuz he wants to get some but that is not going to happen because I have decided to become celbate until I find the guy I want to be in a relationship with! 

Me: I'm serious (while laughing hysterically)
That was the literally the highlight of the night! Every time Kimora and I are together I do nothing but laugh until I cry! True friendship will never die ;)
BFFs forever

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