Thursday, September 8, 2011

Adventures in the Kitchen

Hello everyone so Kimora and I decided that we wanted to open up our own bakery business lol.  So I have been just baking away in the kitchen for a while. Well today I wanted to try and do a cup cake tower starting with that big cupcake from "As Seen on TV" and ending with mini cupcakes! Well you know when things aren't meant to be you get a little red flags before the big crash? Well that was me! First red flag: I had traveled to about 5 stores before I was able to even find this huge cupcake mold. Second red flag: When I found it I did not have a cook sheet to place it on but I decided to try it anyway! Third red flag (you think I would have gotten the hint from the first red flag smh): The top half tips over in the oven!!! Well this leads to the biggest domestic adventure ever because I then had to figure out how to take my oven apart, clean the bottom of it, put it back together all while still baking!! Oh and did I mention that A) all the batter was done and B) the batter that had spilled in the oven was my first ever attempt at making a cake from scratch? Well I figured out how to take the oven apart and I cleaned the oven but it back and I put the oven back together and then I start to preheat the oven again while I wash the dishes! So I finish the dishes and I begin to load the oven, and boy do I mean LOAD!! (1) 12 cupcake pan (1) 6 big cupcake pan and finally the HUGE cupcake mold! I'm starting to feel really good because I'm doing all this domestic activities by myself! So I start to sweep and clean the kitchen, I begin to spell something burning! I check the oven and everything is fine, or so I thought! All of sudden my fire alarm starts whaling!!! I run upstairs, because it could not be on the main floor, and I'm waving it frantically because I do not want to wake my mother, who I know is a light sleeper. Well I open the upstairs terrace door, fan the smoke detector, and when all else failed I ran down stairs got a chair climbed on it and took the smoke detector down and pulled out one of the batteries.  I left the chair up there so I could Put it back together when I was finished! So as I am in this process my cell phone starts to ring and it is my Nana calling to see how the baking adventure was going! MIND YOU MY MOTHER IS SLEEPING THROUGH ALL OF THIS!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! As I am on the phone I hear my mom wake up to go to the bathroom and that is when she sees the chair and asks what is going on? Lol all i could do was laugh hysterically because he I was being all domestic and independent, being Betty Crocker and Mr. Fix-it all in one, exemplifying her good teachings of how she raised me and it was a need to us the loo that made her wake up and ask what was going on lol. My mother who jumps up to see what is going on when I wake up to use the bathroom slept through all that ruckus!! That meant one thing............... SHE WAS SUPER TIRED lol!!! After having a great laugh at the situation I reassured her that all was well and to go back and get some rest, which she gladly did! So back to baking! I go finish sweeping and finally get to relax! My phone rings again and its my friend and I am talking to him about my crazy adventure of Betty Fix-It (My own creation of the name lol).  I get up and check on my baking! Great everything was finally done! I pull it all out one by one and let it cool! After it was cool I checked my smallest cupcakes, ahh PERFECTO, then I check my big cupcakes, BODECIMO (idk if I spelt that right, 9 times out of 10 I did not lol sorry), finally I check my HUGE cupcake............. diablo que paso? This is the crash! I take the base cake out, the bottom is burnt and the bottom of that mold burnt and ripped away, the top half only one side was burnt but the mold was ok! So here is the half final product of my cupcake tower (needs frosting)
Hopefully frosting can save this lol

I think maybe I am going through a maturity growth spirt because everything with me always has to be perfect and when it is not I get upset! But this time all I could do was laugh and say oh well I will try again next time! 
Well that was my domestic adventure! Hope you got entertainment from struggles lol I only wish I had pics of my with half of my body in the oven trying to unscrew and re-screw the base of the oven lol smh! The only thing missing was a crying child that was scared from the smoke detector lol! Ahhh good times!!!

Loves and likes ya <3

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