Tuesday, September 6, 2011

*Yawn* What a lovely dream!

Hello happy people so I had a dream last summer that I will never forget and I thought I would share with you all.  It was June of last year and I woke up with such a great smile and feeling amazing because of this one dream! I do not know how to interpret dreams so if you have any ideas of what this means please feel free to tell me in the comment box!

Ok so the dream starts of in a beautiful scenery in a car driving down a road that is surrounded with gorgeous trees; I'm guessing it was fall because the leaves were red and orange, but it was still a beautiful sunny day! I am in the passengers side and the drive in a male, but I can not see his face! He says something that makes me laugh, then from the back of the car I hear a little girl say "mommy". I turn around to find two beautiful children, a boy and a girl, that are full of smiles and happiness.  The girl looks like she is older then the boy but only by a year or so.  She asks me for something and I hand it to her, then I turn around look at my mystery man as I guess we shall call him smile and we hold hands for the rest of the drive. Even in my dreams I could feel this happiness! But the dream is not over there is another segment.

The dream then cuts to a wedding!  The two kids are not there but I am surrounded by family and friends! I feel nervous, anxious, and excited! I walk down the isle again mystery man is there and when he pulls my vail back still just a blank face, but I feel so happy! Like I'm floating on cloud 9.  That feeling you get as a teenager when you really like a guy that "puppy love" feeling. We say I do and kiss! Best feeling ever but still can not see his face. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!!!! SEGMENT 3 (the final segment lol)

The dream then cuts to a beautiful house kitchen! There again reappear the same 2 children but they look just a few years older.  They ask if they can be excused from dinner to watch tv, to which I replied "Yes you may but first you must clear away your dishes".  The children do as directed and then proceed to the living room to watch television mystery hubby and I are left at the table and we begin a conversation about symbolism in  a movie we had recently seen! We stated what different scenes could have meant and so on and so forth.  As we are having this talk we begin to clear away our own dishes and put away that nights dinner as left overs.  While I am at the sink washing the dishes, mystery hubby comes up behind me and gives me the biggest squeeze, I turn around and rap my arms around his neck.  Then he says "I love you so much" and kisses me. We stand there in each others impress for only a minute but it felt like forever! I loved the feeling and I never wanted to let him go! We finally break apart and he grabs a towel and says, "You wash and I'll dry?" to which I say "Sure". That is when my alarm clock woke me up for work lol.

This was the best dream ever! Never have I ever experienced a dream that seemed so real! I could feel every emotion as if it were truly happening! Never have I ever had a dream so detailed and vivid that I remember it over a year later! It was one of the warmest dreams ever! IDK who mysteryman/hubby was but I hope I get to meet him lol. What do you guys think of my dream? I would love to know!

Loves and likes ya <3

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