Monday, September 12, 2011

You know Your BFFs when......

Hello everyone so I  thought I would share some "ways" in which to know that you and  your friends have truly reached that bff level. Lets begin......

You know you are BBFs when:

1) While driving your best friend puts her arm in your face and screams "SCRATCH MY ARM BECAUSE SHE HAS A MOSQUITO BIT!!!" and you comply as if it were perfectly normal request.

2) When she says "I'm going to my boyfriends house to .........does this action. SMH! lol

3) Your bestie says "I'm going to move to Manhattan and strip to pay my rent" and your response with a straight face, "Why not everyone else in the city does!" This then, of course, leads to hysterical laughter.

4) Something weird happens in the middle of a convo and you BOTH simultaneously; stop, stare in the direction of the weirdness with your mouths open, then look at each other, and die of hysteria all what asking "W.T.F" !!!

5) When they can say "my nipple hurts" feeling completely comfortable and looking at your face and just laughing.

6) When all you do is laugh until you cry and make blogs about it because there is no other person or group of people you would rather spend any amount of time with!!!

Those are just a few ways lol! How else can you tell? I would love to know!

Loves and likes ya <3

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  1. LMAO... thats it

    you know your bff's if your always in each others head.