Sunday, September 18, 2011

A lot in One lol

Hey everyone so I have been away for a while and my unconcious was fully aware of it because last night I had a dream and in it was Impulsive AddictShawn over at Seriously, and DateGirl; also I randomly saw Sookie from the Gilmore Girls lol.  But after this drive I woke and went straight to my blog!!!!  I was looking around blog world and reading some post and Andrea has this Q and Q. I know I'm a little late but it intrigued me! So what is suppose to happen is she asks you a serious of questions and then you ask her some questions.  So here we go.

Do you have a picky eater? How did you handle it?
I am the picky eater in my house lol. My mom just orders me pizza lol! See my family is seafood eaters and steak eaters, I am not so whenever the family is eating this I get pizza. Thought it sucked if we where at Red Lobster then I would order shrimp or chicken, but usually I would not eat anything and wait until we left to get my pizza! 
How long did this last?
Well lets see I'm 22 and I never ate seafood (except for shrimp) so I would say 22 yrs lol ;) 
How did you deal with it?
I'm guessing you mean my mom lol. Well you can't really force your kids to eat what they do not like all it will do is push them farther away from it. So my mom would give me other choices. She took advantage of the healthy food I loved (granola, broccoli, spinach) and went from there. 
To all moms – what did you feed your kids at this age? Any foods I should try?
Does anyone have any websites they can recommend?
I'll have to ask my mom on this on lol but I would say do what she did focus on the healthy stuff they like or try v-splash its healthy and delicious!

Where do you get your bras? I have trouble finding my size in department stores.
Well I like in NYC and in upstate at Woodbury Commoms they have the outlets for Hanes! They have awesome bras that are comfy! So try a hanes outlet. There is not a lot of cute, bras and I am only a 42 DD, but they def have bras for big boobies. Also they have this amazing bra that covers your back. IDK if you have one but I have like back roles which I detest totally but this bra works at covering it up!!! Wow just shared an embarrassing note about myself lol. 

Hope my answers helped!!!

Questions for you:
1) What was the bases of you starting a blog?
2) How long have you been blogging?
3) What's your favorite type of music?
4) Do you think John O'hurly is hot?
5) If you could have anyyyy career what would it be?

So that is that!!! Thanks for reading and playing along!

Loves and likes ya <3

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