Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hey ok so it is time for W.T.F!  I thought these questions where pretty funny! Yet again another first me in blogger world lol well here go my answers:

Swapping lives with an annoying pitchman on Donut Day

1) On a airplane, would you prefer to sit in an aisle seat or a window seat? Why?
I prefer window because I love the view!!!
2) Today (Sept. 14) is National Cream-filled Donut Day. What is your favorite type of donut?
Boston Cream!!!!
3) What are the four most important things children should learn in school?
a) manners
b) respect
c) how to share
d) patients
4) On Tuesday, The CW premiered its new TV show "Ringer" and ABC Family has its new show "The Lying Game." Both shows are about identical twins who switch places. If you had a twin, would you ever swap lives with him/her?
Only in extreme circumstances like I have some place to be when my favorite show comes on lol!! Ok and to help her out if I can!5) Yesterday (Sept. 13) was Fortune Cookie Day. If you could write your own fortune cookie, would would it say?
Today a guy you hooked-up with a month again and haven't heard from since is going to ask you to be his girlfriend!

6) Who is the most annoying product pitchman (or pitchwoman) on TV? 
I don't watch TV but when I did it was William Shatner! He over acts and its A-NNOYING!!!!
7) A new study says over 40 percent of people suffering from symptoms of depression won't discuss it with their doctors due to fear of being put on antidepressants. Do you tell your doctor about all your health problems?
No but I did tell him an embarrasing one that I felt like maybe I should have kept to myself lmfao! It was pretty hilarious!!!
8) One of my boyfriend's friends randomly had a child come up to her in a store and ask her where she buys her underwear. What is the weirdest question you've been asked by a child?
The weirdest question I have ever been asked  by a child.... hmmmm....... oh lol are you 40? Please not I am currently 22 and was 21 at the time of this question!!! lol
AWESOME RANDOM QUESTIONS!!!! Can't wait for next weeks!!!!
Loves and likes ya <3


  1. aw hope your fortune cookie comes true. :-) I've been there girl!

    No fair skimping on the details. What did you tell the doc?

  2. oh honey that did come true and I thought it was random that is why i wrote that fortune lol