Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Talk To Us Tuesday

Shawn and IA present

Seriously Shawn

So lets see what to talk about................
Since I'm still new I guess some random facts about me and some advice

Went to Australia with People to People Student Ambassadors Program when I was 16!!!
Advice: NEVER eat Pavlova after 9pm!!! You will be on a permanent sugar high all night long!!!!

Graduated High School at 17
Advice: Don't rush it! Enjoy it while you can

In Graduate school at 22
Advice: Expect people to be a little to serious and make you seem like an infant lol

When using that big top cupcake mold when they say use on a cookie sheet they mean use on a cookie sheet don't skip that part and try to put it on the bottom see here for reasons why!!

I grew up in the World Trade Center and remember verbatim my day

Oh and the best advice ever in terms of your best friend and her bf if you don't like him just let it be because its not worth losing your friendship over ;)


  1. My oldest has been asked to be a part of People to People...we were too afraid to let her travel overseas alone.

    I have a 17 years old, can you tell her that please!

    Great advice, thanks for linking up!

  2. Hey no problem! I sent you an email about People to People! Check it out when you get the chance ;)

  3. that is sound advice, especially about the best friend. It's not like you're the one dating the boyfriend, and it's not worth losing a friend over. I've been there!

    I also graduated at 17 and it went by way too fast. Oh graduate students...don't let em get to you, and great job for being 22 and in grad school!